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Herbal Wellness Consultations

Health Within Your Hands

I am a Registered Herbalist specializing in helping people heal from complex chronic condition such as Lyme and the various

co-infections that often accompany an infection.


A special focus is on teaching clients whole -body detoxification strategies and lifestyle practices that revitalize and renew the body's inner life force, support gut integrity and improve overall wellness.

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Additional specialties include digestive & gastro-intestinal concerns, and aging with grace and vitality in our modern world.


At your consultation we work together to see what might be out of balance and preventing you from attaining optimal health. 

We talk confidentially about your current health, symptoms & lifestyle history. From there we map out a path for you to achieve your goals that typically includes herbal remedies

as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.

Follow-up appointments are a critical part of implementing
and maintaining an herbal wellness program.  

Fees do not include herb or supplement recommendations.
*sliding scale is available when applicable with prior discussion

Consultations are conducted in the U.S. via video or in person.

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit

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