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Foot baths, foot baths- come & get 'em they're hot!

Implementing healthy detoxification strategies are an important part of staying well in today's world. Whether you are in great health, wanting to improve your health or healing from complex chronic illness, integrating these habits into your life is important for anyone who wants to improve their health.

Without sounding fatalistic, it is not possible to live in a place that is totally free from toxins that will continue to pollute our bodies in an ongoing way - they are found in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Even if we are mindful to eating clean food, drinking pure water, and living a lifestyle that supports clean air and mindful daily practices, the reality is we cannot escape it.

When we employ holistic detoxification we remove what can be a major roadblock to physical, emotional and/or spiritual health. Proper detoxification opens the pathways in the body to allow toxins to flow out and enables the body to tap in to its inherent and full self-healing mechanisms.

The good news is there are ways to support and detox the body that are easy and affordable. I am first going to share some of the external toxins that you may or may not know about that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Then I am going to explain some of the detoxification therapies that are available to you, and that I offer as a practitioner.

Food sources - many people are familiar of the importance of eating organic whole fruits and vegetables to avoid the dangers of glyphosates (harmful pesticides), food dyes, MSG, sugar substitutes and nitrates just to name a few.

The average

American spends 90% of their budget on processed foods that are laden with these types of preservatives. There are over 300 chemicals used in processed food today. These are very damaging to the body, cause major inflammation, can block absorption of nutrients and have massive health implications.

But don't forget about body products - which are basically food for your skin and can include such toxic chemicals as propyl parabens, BHA, BHT - and more; all known endocrine disruptors that are not easily flushed and build up the body.

Heavy metals simply said are one of the major players that can suppress the immune system and be very damaging to the body -especially the central nervous system. Mercury (found in many cosmetics, pesticides, plastics, fabric softeners, OTC laxatives, tattoos & hair dyes), Aluminum (found in many canned drinks, aluminum cookware, baking powder, deodorants, tap water, toothpastes, vaccinations), Lead (found in insecticides, some textiles, canned fruit juices, crayons that are not lead-free, mascara, hair dye) and Cadmium (tobacco, cooking pans, tap water, rubber, metal pipes, some candies, refined cereals & grains, plastics, processed foods, pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs) when cleared properly can have enormous impact on improving health - but it is important to note that these need to be cleared correctly or can make a person feel much, much worse.

For those of you familiar with biofilms - heavy metals have been scientifically shown to make up a large part of the biofilm that can be hiding bacteria, viruses and more.

Indoor environment - including plastics, VOCs, off gasses from carpet, furniture, glues & finishes, electromagnetic pollution, all the scented things like dryer sheets, perfumes, air fresheners, detergents, inks - anything that has a manufactured smell.

It's interesting to me that the EPA has statistics that "the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities." This is often surprising to people as many think of 'air pollution' as happening outdoors. But indoor air quality can be much worse. Some people spend 90% of their lives indoors - in energy sealed homes and buildings where air is recirculated without fresh air and proper ventilation.

The build up of all these external toxins (not to mention internal sources of toxins -left for another post) accumulate in the body and can create a higher toxic load than the body is able to properly and fully excrete on its own. We are simply being bombarded with more toxins more quickly than ever before. There are scientific studies that show that these accumulated toxins are a major contributor to what is causing many chronic diseases that burden our society.

Everyone can benefit from employing healing detoxification strategies in to their life.

So how do we detox?

As one of my teachers says -"We are all on a journey of accumulation" - and this accumulation started at birth. I really like this saying. It implies that this is just what happens as we live life and not something we have done wrong. The reality is we have to work a little harder to take out the trash that has accumulated in our body on a regular basis.

I work with people to help them integrate holistic detoxification in to their life to attain greater health. This can range from helping to implement a full detoxification protocol including dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations to simply coming in for regular (relaxing) 30-minute foot baths.

Ionic Foot Bath

I came back from the Complex Chronic Illness conference in Chicago with a very

specific type of foot bath and have been using it ever since with amazing results. This foot bath is a fantastic, gentle way to draw accumulated toxins from the body through the feet. I have seen this modality when used regularly help with brain fog, swollen legs & ankles, even shoulder aches & pains. Even when used all by itself it is an amazing detox tool to support health.

I offer single sessions and discount packages.

The first session is free for those who purchase a package.

1 session - $35

3 sessions - $90

6 sessions - $175

12 sessions -$300 (this is what the clear water looked like after one session)

Dietary, Herbal & Lifestyle

For those interested in deeper support; a full protocol including dietary coaching, herbal therapies and lifestyle recommendations can be created in an easy-to-follow and implement way. This is the ideal way to make detoxification just one more habit that you do to support your health - just like brushing your teeth.

Should you want to explore how detoxification can be used to improve your health, email me at or visit me at to learn more about my offerings.

Look for an upcoming class on Demystifying Detox coming soon.

Be well,

Pam Gould/Earth Mama

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