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COVID-19 Precautions as office reopens


As we look to reopen in the next few weeks, the health and safety of all our clients is our highest priority. For your safety and peace of mind, the following changes have been implemented at our office to help minimize the potential spread of COVID-19.

For Herbal appointments, the use of video appointments will continue for all herbal appointments. Notification will be sent out when in-person visits can be scheduled for those who prefer.

For Reflexology appointments, only clients with schedule appointments will be permitted inside the office. Please do not bring friends, children, caregivers or any other family member with you. If they are needed to drive you to your appointment, please have them wait in the car.

We request that all clients wait in their cars until 5 minutes before their schedule appointment time. Please do not arrive early.

All client appointments will be spaced far enough apart to ensure there is only 1 client in the office at a time.

Herbal and supplement products will continue to be available for curbside pickup at the office or can continue to be mailed to you.

If you have a new cough, shortness of breath, fever, severe headache, or any flu-like symptoms that cannot be explained by another medical condition, we ask you to stay at home. In this case please contact your primary care physician and schedule a video appointment with us for holistic support of your health.

All last-minute cancellation fees will be waived for clients who have a scheduled appointment and begin to experience COVID-19 suspicious symptoms. We don't want any additional financial burden for making the responsible choice to stay at home.

Hand washing will be required by everyone entering the office. Our hands will also be washed before and after providing any service.

All surfaces, doorknobs, handrails and restrooms will be sanitized daily with a 60% isopropyl alcohol solution or 1.5 percent hydrogen peroxide solution with added essential oils to disinfect. As per our research, this has been shown to be the best way to deactivate the virus on surfaces.

We will change bed "paper" and pillowcases after every in-person session.

Essential oil diffusers using oils shown to be antiviral will be used to diminish airborne virus and to sanitize the air in every room.

Non-toxic disinfectant surface spray and hand sanitizer will be available upon entry to the office and in every room.

Paper towels will be available for hand drying and for use to open the restroom door and tissues will be in every room.

Please wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have one, disposable masks will be available to you.

Practitioners will wear a mask for all in-person appointments.

It is always important to focus on building and supporting vibrant health. However, it is especially important to be implementing everyday strategies to keep your overall health strong and your stress low.

This combination can help ensure your body is in optimal peak to potentially address any pathogens it comes in contact with today or in the future.

We are here to support you in being your best and healthiest self!

Pam Gould | Earth Mama Remedies | Registered Herbalist & Reflexologist

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