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About Pam


My Story


It wasn't until I developed chronic health issues that no one seemed able to make sense of that I discovered a true and different path to healing. Up until then, my approach to health was like most other people's view of what being or getting well meant.


Through diet, lifestyle changes and incorporating herbal remedies into my every day life my health slowly improved. 

Motivated by my personal discoveries and restored health,

I began studying in earnest the use of plants for healing.


Several years later, my personal journey back to health from Lyme, as well as the journey of both my children, further fueled my commitment to help others heal from this complicated disease.


I have been fortunate to study with some of the best teachers in the United States. 

  • Uprooting Lyme - a specialized practitioner school focused on complex, chronic infectious & inflammatory disease such a chronic Lyme  & associated co-infections, mold, parasites & more with Hillary Thing  in Hudson Valley New York 

  • Botanologos School of Herbal Studies  - Medical Herbalism with a focus on local botanical medicine in North Georgia with Patricia Kyritsi Howell 

  • East West School of HerbologyPlanetary Herbology  integrating Chinese, Ayurvedic & Western Herbs with Michael & Lesley Tierra in California. 


My education is a continuous learning process and includes classes taught by David Winston, Christopher Hobbs, Monica Corrado, KP Khalsa, Susun Weed, Aviva Romm, Corrina Woods, Gabriel Mojay, Mimi Hernandez, Susan Kramer, William Morris and many more wise and wonderful herbal teachers as well as the teachings I receive every day from my clients and the plants themselves.



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