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Appointment Options

New Client

Herbal Consultation

We begin with an initial consultation that includes an in-depth health assessment, symptom picture & family history. From there we talk about what your health goals are and map a plan for you to attain them and realistic benchmarks for you to see results.  

Initial herbal consultations last approximately 60 minutes with monthly follow up visits lasting 30 minutes.

To get started click below to book an initial consultation 

Complimentary Discovery Phone Call

Most people are unfamiliar with what it means to work with an Herbalist. If you are unsure if what you are dealing with is something I can help with; this is a great time for us to discuss your symptoms, the process and what to expect. If you are interested or curious, don't hesitate, schedule your free

20- minute call today.

Quick Herbal Inquiry

This option is for those who have a quick questionit is not a full assessment.
No history is taken or health plan created. 
A specific, single question is submitted via
e-mail and a 20 minute call is scheduled to review the response.
Cost for this is $50


Rife session

The rife machine was invented in the 1920’s by Raymond Rife. It is suggested that all medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency and that by delivering pulses at the same frequency it can potentially disable diseased cells. It works on the same principle of how an opera singer can disable (or destroy) glass with their voice by tuning in to the same frequency.

1 hour session $75

*Including 15 minute consultation.

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