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Healing from Lyme Disease

& Co-infections 

Knowing how to heal from Chronic Lyme and the myriad of potential co-infections can be confusing and fraught with emotion


Sifting through all the information and becoming educated

can be a mind-numbing experience. I offer guidance and a holistic healing plan to navigate the muddy path to better health, what it all means and how to harness your body's innate power to heal.


Recommended protocols include custom herbals that not only help clear infection but also reduce inflammation, reignite your inner life force, support gut integrity and address individual symptoms. I am here every step of the way on yout healing journey.  

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I have many tools in my toolbox to help people heal from chronic Lyme & associated co-infections. Some of these include custom & classical herb formulations created for each unique individual, custom essential oil liposomal formulas, Rife frequency, Bemer,

AMD ionic foot bath, cupping and more . 

I am passionate about educating and helping people heal

from these conditions. 

Most importantly, I offer support to you

every step of the way.

Video and in person appointments are available.

"Mother Earth's medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth."

-Robin Rose Bennet

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