Healing from Lyme Disease

& Co-infections 

Healing from chronic Lyme can be hard

You are not alone

Healing from Borrelia (Lyme disease)  and associated

co-infections can be complicated. A diagnosis and how to treat can be confusing and fraught with emotion. 

Sifting through all the information and becoming educated

can be a mind-numbing experience. I offer guidance and a holistic healing plan to navigate the muddy path to better health, what it all means and how to heal using your body's innate power to heal.


I am here to explain the different steps and choices that need to be made along the way and to also help you choose the best possible options for your condition at the right time in the healing process. 

I have many tools in my toolbox to help people heal from chronic Lyme & associated co-infections.  I am passionate about educating and helping people heal from these diseases.


Most importantly, I offer support to you

every step of the way.

Video appointments as well as in person consultations are available.
Payment can be made by cash (preferred) or credit.
3% is added to all swiped credit card payments.
3.5% is added to all manually key-ed in credit cards payments.

"Mother Earth's medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth."

-Robin Rose Bennet







Registered Herbalist  

Reflexologist |Health Coach

Educator |Holistic Healer

Specializing in Complex Chronic Illness 

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