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"Pam has helped to illuminate a deeper understanding of my body’s relationship with food, my behaviors and my environment in an incredibly genuine way. In the past 14 months we have been working together, Pam has been a profound educator and coach who has enabled me to practice simple adjustments that have become the foundation of a delicious, wholesome and clean lifestyle. Prior to seeing her, I had been struggling with a chronic eczema condition that had recently become unbearably painful and erratic. I was fed up with trying the rotation of prescription topicals from the dermatologist and wanted to explore a different point of view from someone with a more natural and holistic approach to wellness. I have seen radically positive changes in my skin condition. Thanks to Pam’s guidance, I am more observant, inquisitive and in tune to the new realities around what I’m seeing on a physical level and feeling on an emotional level. Pam’s ability to authentically guide her recommendations and be open with her clients is a true gift and I am so thankful for my relationship with her — and for a renewed relationship with myself."

C.D - Atlanta GA

"I had suffered years from stressful corporate job which led to GI issues, insomnia and anxiety.  I was taking sleeping pills and anxiety medication for 4 years and struggled with constant bouts of stomach issues, keeping me in bed on the weekends and missing so many life events.  I had spent $20k working with conventional doctors who ran so many expensive lab tests with no conclusive results.  At my wits ends and leaving my stressful job, I visited Pam who was referred by a very good friend.  Pam talked with me and listened to me for 90 minutes.  After 2 weeks of following her recommendations and supplements, my health was significantly improved.  By 4 weeks, I was off my sleeping and anxiety medication and feeling 100%, the best I’ve felt in over 4 years.”

S.K. - Atlanta GA


"I live in a forest in the mountains. A few weeks ago in the middle of the night I was woken up by a painful sensation in a sensitive place in my body. With the light on I could see redness around a tiny tick. The next day I contacted Pam Gould. From that moment and over the weeks that followed, Pam was there for me. She tirelessly guided and taught and treated me with the latest in holistic medicine against Lyme disease. As of now I have no symptoms of Lyme Disease, and as far as I am concerned, the credit is all Pam’s. 

Heartedly recommending Pam as an herbal practitioner."

R.K. Ph.D - Mountain City, GA


"Wow, I'm amazed! First day in months I haven't had a foggy head! Woke up with some energy, too. Thank you!"

S.T. - Tiger, GA


“After one visit and the first night I wanted to share that I had a much more restful sleep, still vivid dreams but not as tiring. And my mind is most certainly more calm."

M.R. - Atlanta GA

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